Born in 1967, Anne-Lise Riond Sibony lives and works in Paris. She studied economics and worked as a management consultant before she discovered glass and started her glassblowing work in 1995 at Urban Glass, New York. Back in France, she then continued her apprenticeship at CERFAV (European center of Research and Training for Glass Artist) in Nancy, France.

Back at Urban Glass, in 1998, she started to work the Graal technique combined with glass enamels. She was then able to bring together her desire to draw and paint with the pleasure of shaping hot glass.

Anne-Lise Riond Sibony produces pieces that represent faces trapped in bubbles of glass. She draws inspiration from a variety of sources: funeral masks in the Archaelogy Museum of Cairo, the face of a stranger in the street, a Munch painting... For instance, the sculpted skulls from the Pacific Islands presented in the French national Museum of African and Oceanian Arts inspired her sculptured glass heads.

Her work is a constant quest for innovation and self-renewal, both in the drawing of the faces and in the intricate texturing of paint, frozen in the shiny layers of glass.